IVC10.ZIP PC Internet Audio

Danny Guy Frezza (bz223@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Wed, 27 Jul 1994 19:06:37 -0400

Just a few notes about IVC10.ZIP. I tried it last night several
times, but I am having problems here with it. Using Chameleon's Windows
TCP/IP Software by Netmanage, v. 4.01, and I am getting winsock erthis to
all, since alot of you were very interested in it.
The file is located at the Simtel archives. I found it at
the following site: By ftp to: oak.oakland.edu /pub/msdos/winsock as
Let me know if you got it to work. Also, I have sent a note to the
author about it.

-- Dan

Sometimes I could get through, many times I can't. Just wanted to ment


Dan Frezza Internet: bz223@Cleveland.Freenet.Edu