Re: gethostbyname ERROR (was CUSeeMe Posting Archive)

Mike Craven (
Wed, 27 Jul 1994 23:26:51 -0400 said
>When we launch
>the application, however, it delays for a few seconds before reporting:
> gethostbyname() failed (11004)
>and subsequently gives up the ghost. I am sure this issue has
>been discussed in the past on multiple occasions... so I hesitate
>to repeat the same question (though if anyone is patient enough to
>provide an answer it would be appreciated :) I checked the current
>FAQ list which doesn't touch on issues as specific as this and, hence,
>am interested in locating an archive of CUSeeMe postings in which
>I can rake around in for answers.
> -- John

I just use a "fake" hostname. I have the chameleon sampler by NetManage. =
Under "setup"/host I just put in a name (because I have a Dynamic account). =
I save and exit. When I turn it on again it works!

But real slowly (< 1 fps) :-(=20

But I'm on a modem (14.4/ppp) Thats probably why.

Is there info on how fast the vidio is on a 14.4 modem? Vfast? ISDN?
I didn't see any thing in the FAQ=20
just my 2=A2 =20

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