Re: Mac Lurker Problems

James Hill (jamesh@
Thu, 28 Jul 1994 09:31:39 -0400

In message <> Michael
Mraz writes:
> I'll keep this short and sweet:
> Machine: Quadra 605/12/w ethernet connection & static IP
> MacTCP 2.0.4 System 7.1.3 CU-SeeMe-.70b5 (b1 also does this)
> I can connect to mirrors, and get video. I get no audio, because the
> Audio Palette comes up and the "push to talk" box is checked. This
> effectively shuts off my speakers, I would assume to keep a feedback loop
> from happening. The moment I try to uncheck that box I get a system bomb
> telling me about "unimplemented trap" 's. Quitting out doesn't work
> because it crashes MacTCP, so it's reboot time. I'd like to lurk and
> hear the rest of the world as well as see them. (I wish this damned
> thing had more than 1 expansion slot so I could put in a frame grabber
> too. Please don't laugh at my computer, it's all I could afford.)
> How can this be fixed, and why is it happening?
> -Rusty (aka Michael)


The "push-to-talk" is just used when SENDING audio, it has no effect on
receiving sound. Make sure that your sound level (on the Mac) is turned up and
that you are using Sound Manager 3.0 (an extension available from Apple's FTP
site). The bomb you get when trying to use sound is a known bug, it seems to
happen with users who don't have video capture boards installed. Cornell is
working on the problem. In the mean time, you can use Maven with CU to be able
to send audio (if you have a mic that is). Maven is available from

Also, make sure that the other check boxes for RECEIVE and LURKERS is check to
receive audio.

Maven, BTW, is the same as the audio portion of CU - the two where integrated
together. Maven is just standalone.


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