CUSeeMe w/serial port camera?

Craig Macfarlane (
Thu, 28 Jul 1994 10:38:55 -0400

I'd like to find out if anyone is thinking about the new $99
camera coming out next month from Connectix. The unique thing
about it (beyond the low price) is that it goes straight from
CCD to serial port. This is perfect for computer input as you
don't convert the CCD image to a video signal and digitize it
on the computer.

Since the camera plugs into the serial port you don't need extra
hardware. The camera isn't hi-rez, but seems perfect for CUSeeMe.
I can post the specs if you'd like. I think building a driver
interface for CUSeeMe should be easier than capture boards, but
what do I know.

Lurking for now,

PS. I also have the problem of the video stream continuing after I
disconnect. I wonder if my disconnect message gets through or it
is lost somewhere along the way. :-)