Re: Picture quality with Germany and Japan

James Hill (jamesh@
Thu, 28 Jul 1994 12:09:18 -0400

In message <Pine.3.89.9407280824.A15637-0100000@netcom13> Alan Allengel writes:
> Dear cu-seeme-l list :
> I will be travelling to Germany and Japan over the next several months.
> Has anyone used cu-seeme to communicate with the USA? How was the
> quality? Can the program be run at 30 fps with Germany and Japan?
> For that matter, does the program run well at 30 fps across the USA?
> Thank you very much for your considering this memo.
> Sicerely, Allen Engel
> 25734 S.E. 39th St. Issaquah WA 98027 USA 206-392-2854

hehe, CUSM doesn't run wel at 30 fps ANYWHERE! CU is a great application but it
is not designed to provide 30 fps....only in extreme cases would you get frame
rates that high - and the effect on the 'net would be horrible!

A rate of 15 fps is much more reasonable over a good link.


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