RE: CUSEEME on Windows

Thu, 28 Jul 1994 15:19:42 -0400

I just started using the Video Spigot board for Windows. Works well. Paid
$150.00 for it.
(I'm buddies with my dealer, your price may vary. )

Just remember to set your video to 160x120, 8-bit palettized, and set your
transmission rate
greater than 0. Works well. Good color video capture.

Byron Jones
Office of Admission
University of Miami

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From: cu-seeme-l
To: Multiple recipients of list
Subject: CUSEEME on Windows
Date: Thursday, July 28, 1994 2:29PM

To CUSEEME Windows Users:
I have recently installed CUSEEME on Windows and can receive video.
I am planning to request funding to setup sending video. The CU Help
mentioned using Video Spigot or Video Blaster.
I just talked with Creative Labs and they are selling their original
Video Blaster for $100. Video Spigot for $299.95 and Video Blaster for
Has anyone made recent purchases and successful tests on these AND OTHER
video capture boards? What brands/prices are you using? What CAMERA and
setup are you using also?

Gabriel Mascardo Jr. mail:
California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park, SF, CA 94118