RE: CUSeeMe w/serial port camera?

Tim Dorcey (
Thu, 28 Jul 1994 16:20:18 -0400

>As far as I understand things, CUSM uses a vdig to get the video data. If
>someone where to write a vdig, although I think the camera would come with
>one, it should work with CUSM fine. Am I right Cornell?

In principle, yes. CU-SeeMe (on the Mac) accesses the digitizer through
the standard QuickTime interface, as supported by the vdig. However, it
doesn't make all of the right configuration calls to allow it to work with
every vdig. In fact, the only digitizers that are known to work with
CU-SeeMe's current arrangement of QuickTime calls are the SuperMac
VideoSpigot, Mac AV, and Computer Eyes/RT. The versions of CU-SeeMe that
we distribute look specifically for one of the vdig's that we know will
work, and go into receive-only mode if a "supported" vdig is not found.
However, there is a version called "xCU-SeeMe0.60b1" on
that will try to use whatever vdig it finds. If you find that it works
with some particular vdig, please let me know and I can add that vdig to
our supported list.

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