Re: Mac Lurker Problems

James Hill (jamesh@
Thu, 28 Jul 1994 16:50:17 -0400

In message <> "Peter W.
Foltz" writes:
> On Thu, 28 Jul 1994, James Hill wrote:
> > The "push-to-talk" is just used when SENDING audio, it has no effect on
> > receiving sound. Make sure that your sound level (on the Mac) is turned up
> > and
> > that you are using Sound Manager 3.0 (an extension available from Apple's
> > FTP
> > site). The bomb you get when trying to use sound is a known bug, it seems
> > to
> > happen with users who don't have video capture boards installed. Cornell
> > is
> > working on the problem. In the mean time, you can use Maven with CU to be
> > able
> > to send audio (if you have a mic that is). Maven is available from
> >
> Does this mean that there is a way to use Maven to connect to someone
> running CU-seeme? We have the case of one person with a video setup and
> one person who doesn't so we would like to send video and audio in one
> direction and just audio in the other. The only way possible now seems to
> run both CU-seeme and maven at the same time on both machines.
> Thanks,
> Peter Foltz

Peter, I don't know about connecting Maven directly to CU but it does work
through a reflector that is set to accept Maven connections....


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