Bubble-Gum fix

Michael Mraz (mike@home.interaccess.com)
Thu, 28 Jul 1994 18:41:16 -0400

I have a sorta fix I discovered for my problem.
If I first run Maven and check "Push to Talk" in Maven, then
start up CU-SeeMe and do not touch the audio pallette at all
I get video and audio without any problems. This may be a temporary yet
touchy fix for people with no video capture board who wish to Lurk and
get audio. (I swear the speakers get turned off by CU-SeeMe if I don't
do this.) Now I can watch my NASA Select :)
Also, if your CU-SeeMe starts crashing with "unimplemented trap" error
messages the best thing I have found is to trash it and the perfs file(s)
and start again with a fresh copy from Cornell.

Hanging by a shoestring but still getting video & audio,

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