ProMovie Spectrum

Martin Storer (
Sat, 30 Jul 1994 04:54:46 -0400

On Fri, 29 Jul 1994 14:08:42 -0400
Richard Kennerly <> wrote:-

>About the ProMovie Spectrum Card:

>Since this is such an inexpensive card, we (I) would like to add support for
>it when I get time (working on the AUDIO support first). What I need is
>technical specs for the card to see why our palletes don't sync up.

>When, somehow, I obtain the technical specs I'll try to find the time to
>add it in; it might not be too much work.

I investigated the ProMovie Spectrum Card as the hardware element for
VFW integration app. I was soon to be put off by the developers kit price...
10,000 pounds Sterling!!! It may be cheaper in the States since everything
that ever existed is always twice the price here!

On a slightly different issue I've been doing some experimentation with PC
Video capture cards from FAST Electronic in Germany. They have a new
range out called the Movie line.

The midrange card is called "The Movie Machine" (250 pounds Sterling)
It says that it supports 8 bit pallette recording and I do not get any untoward
messages when running up CUSM and I get to see my video input in good
quality. However anybody who looks at my video window in a conference
only sees the bottom 10% of the window with the remaining top 90% being
grey. The 10% that is visible at the bottom is updated during the time of
the conference. If I change video spec during the conference (eg to YUV)
the other people get a full window snapshot of me but no further updating.
Any ideas on this one?

The entry level card in the range is "The AVIator" (200 pounds Sterling).
This card makes use of an Intel i750 to compress the video into Indeo format.
This card does not work with CUSM at the moment. I get errors when loading
and the local video window that I get is pure interference. I have contacted
FAST with a view to getting 8 bit Pallette drivers for this card and will keep
you updated.

One further point and that is related to the AVIator. It makes use of the i750
for compression it is also a cheap(ish) card (probably a lot cheaper stateside)
Surely this card and its use of video compression technology would be of great
benefit in an application such as CUSM improving frame rates (or reducing
bandwidth requirements however you want to look at it). What about including
support for this technology? Indeo can be played back in software only so it
would not be a requirement for every person to have an i750 equiped card.

Perhaps in the future?