Danny Guy Frezza (bz223@cleveland.freenet.edu)
Sat, 30 Jul 1994 13:58:31 -0400

Earlier this week I mentioned on this list a possible look at "IVC10.zip",
a shareware software for "Internet voice chat". Since then, I have received
numerous responses for it. I mentioned it was for the Windows operation system
and be found at oak.oakland.edu, a Simtel archive, at /pub/msdos/winsock.
However, I discovered, on trying to use it, I was getting an error, a winsock
#10054 error. I am using Chameleon 4.01 Windows TCP/IP. The other day, I took
a look at possibly updating the sound drivers I have. I am using a Sound
Blaster 16 card. So I retrieved the new drivers for Creative labs, and installed
it. Now, having done nothing else, when I try to place a "call" I don't get the
error! Hmm... I am not an expert, but this is the only thing that I did
So, I am willing to try again to see if it works. Any one care to try?

*ps For some of you that may be experiencing problems with Trumpet Winsock in
CuSeeMe, why not try the free "Chameleon" sampler or the full blown version 4.0
on a 30 trial? I have bought the commerical version 4.01, but I have heard
people say it well worth the try!

ftp to ftp.netmanage.com /pub/demos/sampler "Chameleon" sampler

ftp.netmanage.com /pub/demos/chameleon "Full blown 4.0 30 trial offer"

-- Dan


Dan Frezza Internet: bz223@Cleveland.Freenet.Edu