Re: NO GO for IVC

Geoff Rehn (
Sun, 31 Jul 1994 05:12:14 -0400

At 1:24 AM 7/31/94 -0400, Danny Guy Frezza wrote:
>To all interested parties on, called "Internet Voice Chat", I wish
>to inform all of you, that my initial tests with another person, via the
>Internet using IVC did not work.

Have you corresponded with the developer? I think that this might be worth
the effort...

I indicated to the CUSM team some weeks ago the possibilities of IVC. I
don't know if they had any better luck than yourself. I can't even look at
it w/o a sound board. I know that Dr. K.C.Lun from Singapore also had a
look quite some time ago. KC, what were your results?

Geoff R.