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> Sorry to bother you folks about an issue that's unrelated to CU-SeeMe, but.....
> I don't know what it is about Microsoft Mail that causes this, but I always
> seem to get an attachment with the text of the message included in it. I
> already got the text in the email message, so can you folks figure out
> what's going on and fix it? My hard drive keeps filling up with needless
> attachment files until I take the time to delete them.
> I recommend Eudora, which can be found at
> Thanks, and sorry to bother any non-MSMail users.


The problem (at least with mail from me) is taht I use a mime-complient digital signature using pgp as the application. Microsoft mail does not know how to verify the signature (doesn't understand type application/pgp) so saves the mail as an attachment. For me the solution is pretty easy - I won't sign messages to the list. But the general solution is for microsoft mail to understand the application/pgp mime type. I don't do microsoft mail on a regular basis, so perhaps it could be configured to handle this.

Now for a cu comment to make this a legit post to the list.

At work, I'm connected to an ethernet, then to a T-3 off to the Internet, but still rarely get better than about 50Kbps from any reflector I can find. Is this a performance problem on the reflector end? I would think that I have all the bwidth necessary to get really good performance, but the result has been less than amazing so far. I would like to put up a reflector for buisness use here, but am hesitant to make the investment unless I can get some more resonable performance.

Does anyone out there have a reflector up connected via a T-1 or better that I could connect to and test performance? I have a reflector at (not necessarily up all the time, but frequently) running on NT if you want to trade performance results.

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