Re: losing printer driver...second parallel port?

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Subject: Re: losing printer driver...second parallel port?

Howdy Folks!

Actually, the problem you are having is caused by the ill-behaved Connectix
QuickCam driver. It fails to properly reset the printer port after it is no
longer needed. I use an A/B switch for a printer and BW QuickCam and have
found it necessary to reboot in order to print from the shared port after
the QuickCam is used. I do not know if Connectix is aware of this problem.
My solution was to purchase a "SIIG Fast Parallel I/O Parallel Pro" high
speed IEEE 1284 EPP/ECP parallel port adapter and install it as a second
parallel port for my computer. It plugs into any ISA expansion slot. Cost is
about $30US

I hope this helps

Don Castella
aka Don@Chicago

Not only that, but Connectix has informed me that although the color Quickcam
driver is supposed to support a second parallel port, the B&W Quickcam must be
connected to LPT1:, so if you are purchasing a second port, put the printer on
LPT2: and make sure you use the Windows Control Panel / Printers / Connect
feature to change the port assignment, and that your DOS printing applications
are pointed to it if possible.

My experience is that the camera works sometimes thru LPT2: but not reliably,
and whenever I started a Connectix application, the printer would reinitialize
even if it was assigned to LPT1:.

Ben Yenko-Martinka
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