Re: Boston visit
Tue, 2 Jul 1996 00:14:39 +0000

> Date: Tue, 02 Jul 1996 00:11:09 -0500
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> From: Bill Woodland <>
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> Subject: Boston visit
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> OK, OK, I know this isn't a social mailing list, but this is a one time
> thing, adn I'd love to meet some of you other CUers in person if I can.
> I'll be in Boston from July 3rd thru the 6th, then in Cape Cod till the
> 12th. If anyone on the list will be there, I'd love to meet or talk on the
> phone. I'll be staying at 49 Garden Street in Boston...don't know the phone
> number tho. Try the phone book under the name of Moya Whiting. The Fetzer
> House in Cape Cod (Wellfleet) is 508-349-0962.
> Email me with your number, or call, and I'll try to get in touch. I'll
> check my email Tuesday night for the last time before I leave. No computer
> for 10 days :)
> In the mean time, happy viewing to all :)
> Bill Woodland (
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> PC only, no MAC questions, please.

Now who the heck do you think is going to run down all these
tech/help questions?? HMMMM?

No, just kidding....have a great trip.

(and thanks for all the help/tech/nerves that youve supplied
over the months!!) (not that your going to leave us, but HEY TEN DAYS
IS A LONG TIME MAN, cant you make it a 3 day trip or something??)