Internet radio...

Imam Barbarossa Bey (
Tue, 2 Jul 1996 23:43:00 -0800

A group of people I am involved with are looking to start a "pirate" radio
station broadcasting over the Internet. We are looking at the various
software options that we have. There are several criteria:

1. Price. We have virtually no budget, so freeware or very cheap shareware
is preferred.

2. Ease of use. Our goal is to let the broadcasting "responsibilities" be
shared at different times by people all over the world. Many of the people
may be of limited technical savvy, so the server software must be fairly

3. Platform independence. The broadcasting must be able to be done from
either Mac or PC, & recieving should be available on Unix as well, if

4. Limited bandwidth. For audio, 28.8 must be comfortably sufficient for

Our current plans are for audio only, but I could see us taking some
advantage of slide & video capabilities if available, but they would be
lower priority.

So... Is CU-Seeme the best solution for my needs? I know it meets most, if
not all of my needs (I don't think it has a Unix client, does it?), but is
it the BEST solution, considering I only need audio? Are their other
packages that I should be aware of?


I.B. Bey

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