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At 11:43 PM 7/2/96 -0800, Imam Barbarossa Bey wrote:
>A group of people I am involved with are looking to start a "pirate" radio
>station broadcasting over the Internet. We are looking at the various
>software options that we have. There are several criteria:
>1. Price. We have virtually no budget, so freeware or very cheap shareware
>is preferred.
>2. Ease of use. Our goal is to let the broadcasting "responsibilities" be
>shared at different times by people all over the world. Many of the people
>may be of limited technical savvy, so the server software must be fairly
>3. Platform independence. The broadcasting must be able to be done from
>either Mac or PC, & recieving should be available on Unix as well, if
>4. Limited bandwidth. For audio, 28.8 must be comfortably sufficient for
>Our current plans are for audio only, but I could see us taking some
>advantage of slide & video capabilities if available, but they would be
>lower priority.
>So... Is CU-Seeme the best solution for my needs? I know it meets most, if
>not all of my needs (I don't think it has a Unix client, does it?), but is
>it the BEST solution, considering I only need audio? Are their other
>packages that I should be aware of?
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I think RealAudio is the best solution for you. That is, with "one-way"
audio, you can buffer the audio track, and thus avoid a lot of the
limitations of Internet telephony applications, which, because they support
two-way audio cannot buffer their audio streams.

Look for it at


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