Re: Connectix - Color Camera

Dennis J. Streveler (
Wed, 03 Jul 1996 16:18:33 -0700

At 01:50 PM 7/3/96 -0700, wrote:
> Does CU-SeeMe work with Connectix's new color cameras? I have one and
> CU-SeeMe recognizes that I have a camera, and displays my video
> window, but the window is garbage and not a valid picture from the
> camera.
> Deborah Payne
> Senior Research Scientist
> Battelle, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories
> (509) 375-6474

Hello Deborah,

There have been quite a number of postings on this subject. The answer to
your question, is, well, yes, sort of.

You are getting a "garbage" picture probably because you have the "video
source" set to "Thousands-VIDEC". This mode is not supported by ECU. Set it
to "Thousands (Uncompressed)". It is your best choice.

That said, the main problem is that the QCQ is quite a resource hog. Expect
that your machine will start feeling like a 386 once you have ECU with QC
attached turned on, even if you don't have any active connection.

It's bearable if you run NOTHING accept ECU. Trying even to run Eudora
simultaneously is rather frustrating.


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