Re: Indeo Driver Problem?

Patric Lavigne (PatricL@Electro.Mlink.Net)
Tue, 25 Jun 1996 12:30:29 -0400

Reiki Master wrote:
> Patric Lavigne wrote:
> >
> > I don't have the same setup but a get problem with Indeo driver, somebody tel to me to
> > use RAW driver that com with my board (Video Blaster) and it's work fin ONLY with RAW
> > driver not with the Indeo.
> Sounds great...but I don't know what my RAW video driver is called, or
> even if I have one. My card came in my computer, I didn't install it
> seperately. What is your raw driver called, so I can try to find mine.
> --
> *** Commit Random Acts Of Kindness And Sensless Acts Of Beauty. ***My originally driver is for win 3.11 and I'am running W95.
W95 install INDEO Driver as default, I reinstall driver from my
orginall disk and that give me the RAW driver and do not kill
Indeo. Now I have both I chose whitch one from .......I don't remember
witch menu is it but I can reply about that. Anyway it work fine now.
I'm gonnat try to find name of file that correspond to RAW driver... Do you
whant some my .ini file to compare ?

Excuse my english I'am better in french....!

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