Re: Comments about Connectix Color Quick Cam

Ron Elkayam (
Thu, 4 Jul 1996 22:28:01 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 4 Jul 1996, Ra=FAl Castro wrote:

> Could any of you make a review about the convenience of buying a Quick=20
> Color Cam from Connectix versus a B&W? I got a 486 DX4 100 Mhz with 16=20
> Megs of RAM and about to decide which to buy for using CU-seeme.

Don't get it - it sucks! Unless you have ISDN, color will be painfully
slow and at this point it's not properly supported by the most popular
video-conferencing software (incl. CUSM). Get the B&W, or better yet -
get a capture board to hook to your camcorder and VCR for added fun.

Just on this list about a week ago someone said he's returning the color
QC cuz the compression scheme on the color QM isn't currently supported by
CUSM. Who knows when, if ever, it'll be supported...