having probs

Yvonne Evans (vonmarie@cris.com)
Thu, 4 Jul 1996 23:04:20 -0400

I have a Connectix Color camera and a macintosh performa 475 12mgs of ram.
I have had no probs running the shareware vers of cuseeme or the beta vers
of Enhanced cuseeme only froze once or twice. Anyways recently I got a port
juggler put my camera and my printer in it so i could have both. Now when
I use cuseeme(shareware) I get a white screen. Now I can use the quick pic
and the quick movie with no probs it see it. I had updated the color
quickcam software and thought it was the prob still did it when I went back
to the old original software. Is it port juggler?? I have installed
ramdubbler is it that? Would it help if I went back to the Enhanced vers.
If anyone has any ideas I would be most grateful

Yvonne Evans @@@ vonmarie@cris.com
Redford,Mi @o o@
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