RE: Listener question

John W. Osborne (
Fri, 5 Jul 1996 16:44:18 +-1000


Uhhh, errrrr, you -certain- you want it to behave like that?

You would be quite happy for an incoming call to knock you off a reflector
or a 1-on-1 conversation that you are having with someone?

I wouldn't.

Regards, John

From: Joe Izen[]
Sent: Friday, 5 July 1996 3:01
Subject: Listener question

Is it possible to set Enhanced CU-SeeMe or the listener so that it
accepts all incoming calls without ringing an alert, or asking for
permission? I've gotten used to the behavior for the Cornell
version, and would like to have this option for my Enhanced
CU-SeeMe version as well. Thanks!

-Joe Izen