Re: Listener question

Joseph M Izen (
Fri, 5 Jul 1996 10:04:43 -0600

I've taken yet another look at the ECU Listener, and believe that it it
is not possible to get it to behave as I wish. I have gotten used to the
free Cornell Version's ability to accept connections without asking me, and
would like the ECU version to behave in a similar fashion when I have ECU
running but I am not talking to anyone. If I do not have ECU running I
would like the Listener to notice a connection request and launch ECU, or
at least notify my of the request and ask for instructions. Finally, if I
am in the middle of a session, I would like to be notified and asked for

As far as disabling the listener entirely, it is not completely clear
how to do this. I would guess that if I turned off all alert methods, the
listener would be smart enough to disable itself, but it is 100% clear from
the documentation.