Connectix Color Quick Cam and Cu-seeme

Luke (
Sat, 06 Jul 1996 20:42:38 -0700

Hello all, First of all does any one know for sure if the Connectix
Color Quick Cam works with Cu-seeme. If it does I must still be missing
something, (not unususal :)). I have everything loading and working ok
with no errors, (not the case at first), but I have no video on the local
screen. Its white or black if inverted and sometimes has some static on
it. I appear to be getting frames as there's a number that varies a
little for the frame rate. I have the display line in windows setup set
to a 620x480x256 driver. I have msvideo.dll in windows system directory.
I have msvideo.dll=qccolor.drv in the system.ini file, (qccolor.drv is
the only drv that comes with the color quick cam) I have ctl3d and
ivslider files in windows or windows system directory. I have the picture
size set to 120x160 altho there's no place in the color quick cam video
setup to select grayscale or 256 gray shades or colors. The only
selection is for 1000's, 1000's compressed, or millions for colors and
low, med, or high, for sharpness. I've switched around between all the
grayscale settings etc. in the cu-seeme setup dialog boxes and it doesn't
seem to make much difference. My computer is a 60 mhz pentium with 24 meg
ram. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance..
M.H. Luke