V.34+ modem upgrades

Sun, 07 Jul 1996 02:22:58 -0400

I realize that this is not totally CU related but since I found a ISP that
supports 33.6 modems and a good part of my Net usage comes from CU I would
throw this out in hopes someone has had more luck than I.

I want to upgrade my 28.8 Sportster to 33.6. I checked and the date is 9/95
and it is a V.34+ as per the ATi7 screen. Now that I think it IS
upgradeable, what the heck do I do. I tried the USR BBS with no luck. I even
tried to DL the .DOC file but that would not come thru...Why they don't make
this available thru the home page escapes me...

If anyone has successfully done this, please Email me and explain to this
bumpkin the process with which you performed this detailed brain surgery...

Thanks, Danny
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