Re: ALLOW in config file on DEC Alpha

Brian O'Shea (
Sun, 07 Jul 1996 18:55:53 -0400

>I've recently moved a reflector from a Sun Classic running Solaris
>to a DEC Alpha running OSF/1. everything has gone (mostly)
>smoothly with one problem.
>My ALLOW lines that are wild carded no longer work
>ones in the format of:
>for a single IP work fine but ones in the format of:
>ALLOW 204.228.142:24
>for a range of IP's don't work, any suggestions?

The Alpha is a Little Endian machine. The Sun is a Big Endian machine. The
4.0B3 Cornell Reflector does not process ip wild cards properly on Little
Endian Machines.

This bug has been fixed in the currently available White Pine Reflector. You
can download a demo version and use it for free for 30 days.


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