cu-seeme with black local video window

Scott Overholser (
Mon, 8 Jul 1996 13:09:34 -0700

i have a powermac 7500/100 16mb ram (with built-in digitizer) and a
videolabs flexcam (color cam with s-video output). i downloaded the
cornell ppc cu-seeme (the current version as of two weeks ago).

when i start cu-seeme i get a local video window (which the docs say
happens only if cu-seeme recognized a local video source). however, it
is all black. i can connect to self successfully but get (predictably)
an all black video window.

the transmission statistics indicate that there is some transmission
going on but it quickly drops off.

my system software is 7.5.2 with open transport 1.0.6. i am using it on
a local ethernet.

i downloaded whitepine's demo cu-seeme several days ago but it won't
even start - i read (or thought i read) in the docs that it requires
system 7.5.3. i'll be upgrading to 7.5.3 in the next few days.

during the meanwhile i'd appreciate any suggestions about getting the
cornell version and the whitepine version to work on the 7500/flexcam