Mac 2.0.0 CU-SeeMe Bug report

Joseph M Izen (
Mon, 8 Jul 1996 15:34:55 -0600

Earlier today, Alain Caillet and I put the Mac implementation of the
Listener through its paces and found several bugs and several design
'features' of the public 2.0.0 release. I am running on a 7100AV with OT

With Enhanced CU-SeeMe running, it is not possible to turn off the Listener
and accept all incoming calls automatically

It is possible to inadvertently disable all alerts methods, but this
doesn't disable the Listener -- noone at all can connect to you because you
don't know to accept the call.

The Listener does not automatically launch when exiting CU-SeeMe when the
preference entry is selected for it to do so.

The Listener does launch OK manually. When Alain attempted to connect
while the Listener but not ECU was running, by the time ECU launched the
'phone went dead'.

Suggestion for the manual and windows concerning the Listener: Be more
explicit about the differences between ECU running and connected/ECU
running but not connected/ECU not running.

I also experienced an ECU crash while connected to a reflector immediately
after launching and closing WhitePineBoard. I run MacsBug. Please advise
what commands would be helpful if I see this behavior again.

Is there a WWW page with known bugs associated with ECU and related pieces
of software?

Best regards,
Joe Izen