RE: cu-seeme with black local video window

Scott Overholser (
Tue, 9 Jul 1996 10:37:56 -0700

thanks all for the many replies to my post. i stayed up late last nite
and solved the problem.

after i installed the system 7.5.3 update, whitepine's demo version
worked fine for me. it required a bit of tweeking since whitepine
didn't pick up my s-video automagically - i had to poke around in the
preferences to set the video source.

after that, all was well.

i did try to get the cornell ppc version to run. it had the same
problem as before - black video. there doesn't seem to be a way using
the cornell version to select video source. to be fair, i didn't look
very hard.

thanks again all!


p.s. a couple of folks mentioned that they were interested in updating
to 7.5.3. it's pretty easy to download the net install update from
apple's ftp site ( in the directory
.0 (don't quote me on that dir path. it's pretty close though). the
net install works great for installing from the hard drive. it's 22mb
though - start before bed :) it took me 7 hours with 28.8. it sure
beats ordering a cd or floppies.

>From: Scott Overholser (Exchange)
>Sent: Monday, July 8, 1996 1:09 PM
>Subject: cu-seeme with black local video window
>i have a powermac 7500/100 16mb ram (with built-in digitizer) and a
>videolabs flexcam (color cam with s-video output). i downloaded the
>cornell ppc cu-seeme (the current version as of two weeks ago).
>when i start cu-seeme i get a local video window (which the docs say
>happens only if cu-seeme recognized a local video source). however, it
>is all black. i can connect to self successfully but get (predictably)
>an all black video window.
>the transmission statistics indicate that there is some transmission
>going on but it quickly drops off.
>my system software is 7.5.2 with open transport 1.0.6. i am using it on
>a local ethernet.
>i downloaded whitepine's demo cu-seeme several days ago but it won't
>even start - i read (or thought i read) in the docs that it requires
>system 7.5.3. i'll be upgrading to 7.5.3 in the next few days.
>during the meanwhile i'd appreciate any suggestions about getting the
>cornell version and the whitepine version to work on the 7500/flexcam