Questions and Answers

James Crittenden (
Tue, 9 Jul 1996 11:32:15 -0700

Dear CUSM Buddies:

I have just watched and observed some of the messages that have been posted
in the last 4 weeks. I had a very bad experience with my QC & Iomega Zip
Drive. I notice some messages about sharing ports and have two hardware
devices coming from the same port. No one though has experience what I had
experienced. B/c you have the keyboard and the Qcam coming from one port as
well as the Zip drive coming out of the printer port I had a sudden
destruction of my motherboard. I have a 60 mhz pentium w/24 megs and one of
those usr modems w/the external mwave port. But b/c of the 2 motherboards I
ruined due to this hook up I have not been able to test the modem to its
highest standard.

To make a long story short for those using the printer port on two hardware
devices please invest in an a/b switch. My bro-in-Law has that hook up and
it works fine for him. I got an a/b on hold once my systems comes back from
COMPusa for the third time and I hope to plan on keeping it home for the
rest of the summer.

About Netcom/Netcruiser being used as an ISP. I think to tweek peformance
from them is to have more than 16 megs or Ram, (at least 24). I have 24 in
my system and with the usr modem I get good quality images. I am seen fine
and actually have quality audio. However, I am not heard on the other end
with the ECU. I recommend that if audio is truly important use Iphone in
conjuction with ECU. The reason is that they work well together and you
have instant conferencing. It really works best with a 1 to 1 connection.
A trick that you can use is place Iphone connection first. Once you have
reached the other party then connect with ECU. After establishing both
connections you can actually log off the server with Iphone and still keep
your connection with the other party. There your not having the bandwiths
go to the server than to the other party but having a more direct line. Try
and keep movement to a minimum and if the voice from the other party becomes
choppy then freeze your image when the other party is talking this will have
you receive clear audio. A few of us on the list have tried this hook up
and it appears to be the way to go. If you just have to use the audio on
ECU attempt Digitalk 8 kps.

Hope this helps........