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Kent Starr (
Tue, 09 Jul 1996 17:45:20 -0400

Fanping Wen wrote:
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> Dear CU-SeeMe friends,
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> Would any one tell me whether I can play CU-SeeMe by
> 1) purchasing 2 QuickCam cameras from Connectix and
> 2) installing the free CU-SeeMe from Cornell?
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> Assuming I have two PC's running Windows 3.1, with 28.8 modems and PPP
> account.
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> That's it? Do I need video capture card?
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> Can I use a sound card that is not marked 'duplex'?
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> Thanks!

I presume you mean to setup two computers, a black and white QC on each =

one. You can't (easily) attach 2 QCs to the same computer. If so, yes, =

the system will work and you do not need additional video digitizing =

cards. The Quick Cams are digital cams to begin with, and plug directly =

into the parallel port, so no additional hardware is needed.

I get 1 - 4 fps with my setup, a 486 DX2 with a 28,800 modem connection =

through the White Pines or Cornell reflectors using Cornell CU-SeeMe, =

running Win 95. Win 3.1 should be faster on an equivalent machine, and =

perhaps even more so with point to point connection, bypassing the =


Haven't had any real success with audio (which appears from other posts =

to be the Achilles heal of CU-SeeMe) but I can tell you that the =

difference between full and single duplex is that with the former, both =

parties can talk *and* listen at the same time, while with single duplex =

you can talk *or* listen, sort of like short-wave radio ("Roger that, =


Hope this has been some help.

Kent Starr
aka Wizzard=A9