to make PC faster
Tue, 9 Jul 1996 23:10:10 -0400 (EDT)

Dear folks;

I've been worring about poor CUSM capability of my PC,
and got recently an answer to improve. The mail below is
from W.pine C.Support and I put here for the others' help.
Then my next task is to make my PC faster and the easiest
way is to change the CPU to i486-33DX to AMD586-133MHz.
However the problem is the DC power, cause the CPU works
with 3.3V, and my board can supplies 5V only so some DC-DC
converter is needed between the socket and the CPU.
If any of you know where I can purchase the converter and
how much it is, that can help me a GREAT!

Osamu Terao
Dear Osamu:

Thank you for your interest in Enhanced CU-SeeMe. Audio capability is not
supported with CPU speeds less that a 486 66. It has been our experience
that the 486/33 processor is not fast enough to process the audio data

In addition, packet loss is normal and uncontrollable. Factors that
influence this are Internet traffic, Internet Service provider traffic, the
distance to the reflector or user, CPU speed, and your physical phone
connection. Enhanced CU-SeeMe, in order to speed up the video signal, does
not re-ask for "bad" packets and as a result are dropped or "lost".

Best Regards,

Brian R. Hammar