CU-SeeMe Reflector List
Wed, 10 Jul 1996 07:35:24 -0500

JI> I understand your feeling. I found the same thing.. I found those
JI>web sites when I first got my QuickCAM. I agree 90% or more of them
JI>do not answer. But the links from my web page are to other web pages
JI>that have those lists. I do not keep the list.. update or keep it

JI>If you go to my web site:

JI>You will find links to the most popular CUSeeMe web sites. I have
JI>no control over there content.

JI> Jim Howard

Are you saying the listings on your web site mostly work?
I would rather have a list of ten sites that work than a list of 300
where only 5 work.

Burt Fisher
Cape Cod's Internet Address