RE: Power Mac Help

Mark Farone (Mark_Farone@SFA.UFL.EDU)
10 Jul 1996 09:59:56 -0500

From: on Tue, Jul 9, 1996 7:20 PM

>I'm using the cornell (.83b3) version of CuSeeMe with a b&w quickcam.
>I'm running this on a 7200/75 system 7.5.3 rev2 over 28.8 ppp (freeppp 1.0.5)
>connection via open transport 1.1.
>WHen connected there are regular freezes where I can't issue and mouse or key

I also get fickle response using any flavor of the CUSeeMe or ECU software
with Open Transport. On some models, I've found better performance with
Unfortunately for you, your PCI mac only supports using OT.

I have been trying to find out if any of the ECU or Cornell versions are
explicitly compatible with Open Transport. Hopefully this will be addressed
in a future version of one of the pieces of software, if it is not currently
being supported with a version I have not seen. Further, I have yet to see
the PPC-only version of Cornell's 0.83b3 even load on any Mac without crashing
(PCI or NuBus) when OT is installed .

Other reasons for your problems may be:
1. Any other network activity (doubtful in your case if your using a modem).
2. Disk activity. Zip drives are notorious for periodically holding up the
system for seconds at a time on PCI macs if they are not properly configured.
Virus checkers also often impede performance.
3. Be sure "calculate folder sizes" is turned off under System Folder:Control
4. Software conflict. Try using a program called "Conflict Catcher" to see
if any of your control panels or extensions are not compatible. A demo
version of this product is available on the net (you'll have to do a search; I
don't have the URL handy).
5. Your connection to your ISP is fickle or improperly set. Call them and be
sure you have all the correct settings for best performance.
6. RAM. Make sure you are not using virtual memory which reduces performance
significantly. Allocate extra RAM to the program you are using under "Get

Other considerations:
-Consider getting the most recent update to FreePPP (I think it is 2.5?).
However, some people I know have had serious problems with getting this
version to work at all.

-Someone using a 7200/90 told me they were only able to use Enhanced Cu-SeeMe
2.0b2 and system 7.5.3 , OT 1.1 and freePPP2.5 *while Netscape 2.02 was open*.
I have no idea why this would work this way, but if it works...

-You may also consider purchasing a Level 2 cache (if you don't already have
one) which *greatly* speeds overall performance on the 7200/75 (and therefore,
I would assume CUSeeMe performance).

Hope this is helpful!

Mark Farone