Re: Connectix camera and ARA

Luis Vallecillo (
Thu, 11 Jul 96 01:04:40 -0500

>I have a connectix camera. To use this camera (on the printport of my
>powermac) i must shut down local-talk. But to use the ara-connection to
>get connected with the www I must use the localtalk. Question. How must
>i connect the camera to the Power MAc and get a connection with internet
>to use cu-seeme. (i asked already at connenctix, but they didn't give or
>couldn't give the right answer)

If you do indeed have ARA installed all you need to do is go to the
Network (or AppleTalk if you are using Open Transport) and select the
"Connect via:" to "Remote Only". That way you will only have networking
capabilities via ARA freeing up your printer port. Of course, if you are
in an Ethernet network you can just choose that instead, also freeing up
your printer port.