NV and VAT on Digital Alpha computers

Juan Chiwah (juan@rip1.fovref.uni-mb.si)
Fri, 12 Jul 1996 10:34:13 +0100 (GMT+0100)


I have setup a cu-seeme reflector site in which I have several cu-seeme
and NV-VAT users communicating with each other. The clients are PC's
running CU-Seeme from CU, PC's running CU-Seeme from WPine, and two
Silicon Graphics Indy computers running NV-VAT tools.

The problem I have has to do with making NV and VAT tools run on two new
Digital Alpha computers. I found that NV runs with MME server, and that
VAT runs with AF. From my testing and from what I have found on some pages
on the Web now I know that I cannot run MME and AF at the same time and
consequently I cannot run NV and VAT on the same Digital Alpha machine (at
the same time)

- Does anybody know a way of making NV and VAT run on the same Alpha

- Given that the MME server came with the Alpha machine and that MME
apparetly supports audio and video (?), Does somebody knows if there is
any VAT version that runs with the MME server??
(It seems like AF doesn't support video and they are not planning to
improve it)

Any ideas, comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated (they might
cure some headaches :-)

Thanks a lot,