Application Error w/Cu-SeeMe

Jim Iversen (
Fri, 12 Jul 1996 11:55:36 -0400


Perhaps someone in the CU-SEEME community can help me resolve the following

When I try to start Cu-SeeMe the program starts to load (i.e., the various
windows start to appear) then I get the following error messages:

"Application Error - CUSEEME caused a General Protection Fault in module
QCColor.drv @ 0003:0427." (I'm running the color version of Connectix's

"Error binding to UDP port (10048)"

"Problem with Receive Network Initialization. CuSeeMe will exit."

"Unable to create invisible network window."

Nothing else in my PC appears to be affected by the GPF or subsequent errors
after Cu-SeeMe exits -- that is I don't need to reboot my PC to continue
working with other applications. So the problem appears to be somewhat
contained to Cu-SeeMe. I suspect the first problem is what is responsible
for generating the subsequent error messages.