Re: where'd my typed text go???... enriching context

Dennis J. Streveler (
Fri, 12 Jul 1996 12:30:51 -0700

At 12:35 AM 7/12/96 -0400, J.R. wrote:
>All of sudden when I type text in the chat box I get no reply. It's
>being typed in there and I can see it, nobody else seems to see it.
>Can ANYONE help with this please?
>Thanks John


Like audio and video packets, "chat" packets can get lost too. If this
happens, the only thing you can do is type the message again.

There is only one way to assure the accountability for your message which
you are assuming. That is, at the beginning of each message which you send,
send a "serial number" along with it. For example, "1 Hi iceman, are you
there?" If later he sees "2 It's great weather here", he may realize he has
"missed" your message #1, and ask you to repeat it.

Is this a kludgey, silly, laborious way to get around this problem? Yes,
most definitely. If anybody has a better suggestion, I'm all ears. But
always remember, than on a packet-switched network, such as the internet,
and your application uses the UDP protocol (which CU and ECU both do) you
can never be absolutely certain that a packet will make it to its intended

The key to good communication using these tools is to include as much
context as possible in your typed and verbal messages as possible, so that
people immediately realize that they might have missed a piece. My
suggestion in the chat box of using a "serial number" is one such way to
enrich that context, albeit at a huge price of spontaneity.


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