Tiny Windows and Color Incompatibilities

Larry Chace (RLC1@cornell.edu)
Fri, 12 Jul 1996 16:07:13 -0400

We've located the cause of a problem that has been reported by several
people in which a CU-SeeMe user's window appears VERY TINY, just a few
pixels wide and a few more high.

This problem occurs on Mac clients that are connected to a reflector
running White Pine's version of the reflector code and to which some other
users are connected using White Pine's Enhanced CU-SeeMe and are sending
out color video.

(It is possible that this also happens with a standard Cornell reflector
program. At present, however, the Cornell reflector is running a White
Pine version of the program and that is where I have been doing my

The basis of the problem is an encoding of how the Enhanced user is sending
out video; the particular value is not understood by the Cornell version of
CU-SeeMe and in fact causes the program to make a few minor errors, one of
which results in the TINY windows.

We will be developing a correction "real soon now" and will be
incorporating it into the present 0.85 ALPHA test version for the Mac.
After a suitable test period (a short one!), we will be releasing this as
the 0.85b1 for general availability.

Please note that the basic error might also lead to other random problems
or even crashes. At present, there is no good way for a user of Cornell's
free CU-SeeMe to detect that another user has the Enhanced version *and* is
sending in color (except perhaps by experiencing the TINY windows or other
problems). We hope to be able to better identify color transmitters, even
if free CU-SeeMe is unable to display their color video.

We apologize for this problem and, as always, thank you for your support!

Larry Chace (RLC1@cornell.edu) CU-SeeMe development