mac ppc problem

Joel Kaufman (
Fri, 12 Jul 96 13:30:09 -0700

i have a powermac 7500/100 that I am using a videolabs camera with. i am
hooked through ethernet into our school's network. My friend and i are trying
an experiment to get two macs to use cuseeme, but the problem we run into is
that when entering the after trying to connect, we get a dialouge box saying:
"No response from (ip address)" I am running system 7.5 update 2.0, the tcp/ip
control panel is configured correctly, and I know that we have a good net
connection because we can log into each others machine using file sharing. we
are using version 0 with a quickcam.83b3(ppc). Any thoughts?

thanks in advance, joel

p.s. Anyone have problems with a quickcam and these machines? Both cameras
seem to work fine on a pair of mac 8500's, but not on the 7500's