Color cam...

Jim Howard (
Fri, 12 Jul 1996 12:52:21 GMT

-> Hello people:
-> I just got a color cam yesterday and so far I have been
-> unable to get it to work 100% properly. The punchline is that I can
-> get a connection to either another person on 1:1 or to a public
-> reflector... everybody in the room is able to see me, but I'm not
-> able to see the other people in the room ??????????????? (my receive
-> signal is on) I check the min/max trx/rec rates and they seem to be
-> fine.
-> can someone please help me out?
-> note: sometimes I can see only the very bottom of the senders
-> window.. also when I look at their windows... it seems like I'm
-> getting 0% of the packets and most of them are lost..... =(
-> anyway that's all... thanks a lot!
-> J.

Don't be so fast to judge the color cam. A number of ref seem
to have that problem in the last few days. I had it for the past
two days on a number of ref (I am using the B&W cam).
I saw comments on one ref that when the user count gets up high
that happens (you see the boxes but no video from them).. Might
hang in there and see.

Jim Howard