RE: where'd my typed text go???

John W. Osborne (
Sat, 13 Jul 1996 16:38:11 +-1000


It is hardly a stupid comment. Actually, the technique works
quite well (using IRC in lieu of the chat window).

Your text packets are traversing an entirely different route to
the recipient, you have the option to PING the recipient for
approximate response times, and it is easier to setup a
"private" chat with, say, 3 out of the say, 5 people in the
ref you are in.

Regards, John

From: Jim Howard[]
Sent: Friday, 12 July 1996 22:54
Subject: where'd my typed text go???

-> From: "J.R." <>
-> To: <>
-> Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 00:35:48 -0400
-> Subject: where'd my typed text go???
-> All of sudden when I type text in the chat box I get no reply. It's
-> being typed in there and I can see it, nobody else seems to see it.
-> Can ANYONE help with this please?
-> Thanks John

I ALSO have had the problem last night. It was only on one ref
however.. I maybe a bug in the ref software.
Also I have been on a ref for hours and no one would type anything
in a chat box. I had one person tell me if he wanted to chat he would
use IRC! Of course that is a stupid comment.