Vids that need to be "goosed"
Sat, 13 Jul 96 15:54:46 PDT

Hello List,

I recently upgraded to ECUSM v. 2.0.2 and am having a problem. This
has always been present to a degree even in earlier versions but seems to be
worse in 2.0.2. The fact that I have an ISDL line makes it even more
puzzeling than otherwise. When I am connected to a reflector, frequently
(but seemingly randomly) vids are slow to refresh even when it seems they
should be. A vid will become "static" even though its kbps value is large
and changing. I can usually "goose" the vid into refreshing by clicking on
its status or information icon boxes or by temporarily covering the vid
window with a larger window or the chat window. Seems to happen even if it
is the ONLY window I have open on the reflector. What's causing this and
why should "goosing" be necessary? Is this really worse in 2.0.2? It's
really starting to get frustrating to have to do this extra work to get
decent refreshing. Other system specs: Pentium 120/16 MB RAM/DOS 6.22/
WFWG 3.11/ECU 2.0.2/ISDN 57.6K/Motorola BitSurfr and/or 28.8 Hays compatible
generic modem. TIA for help. -JRG

Date: 07/13/96
Time: 14:18:03

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