Re: False expectations? Future promise.

Marc Lindahl (
Sat, 13 Jul 1996 19:03:52 -0400

>1) The Internet was NEVER designed for time-sensitive applications. It WAS
>designed to survive thermo-nuclear war (but that is another agenda!)

The internet was never designed. It sort of just grew. ARPANET is the DOD
thing, which is not the same as internet (parts of it are shared, and parts
of arpanet have migrated to civilian use)

>Consider that an every day tv picture requires a bandwidth of about 180
>MILLION bps (bits-per-second) while your modem MIGHT hit 28.8 THOUSAND bps

Motion JPEG'd NTSC needs about 10Mbps, devide by another factor of 10 for MPEG.

>precise information on this -- it would appear at ATM-speed, which I think
>is 45 MILLION bps, things get quite reasonable. For example, you can watch

ATM is a protocol, it can run at many speeds and on many physical media
(just like IP packets)

>where "ANY picture is better than NO picture." So, lighten up, be patient,
>learn from your experiences with this level of perfection, and dream about

On the other hand, it's compaining users that drive the developers &
researchers to push the envelope of technology ever further!

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