Guru? Hey, check out this Quickcam Web Frame server thingie...

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 14 Jul 1996 02:58:42 -0500

>The guro of this conference visted me today, all the way from Texas.
>Knocked on the door and stayed a while.
>CUSEEME came A L I V E !
>Burt Fisher
>Cape Cod's Internet Address

Thanks, Burt. I enjoyed meeting you too. Not meaning to embarrass you, but
I'm not on this list in any OFFICIAL capacity. I'm just another subscriber,
like you are.

Since the developers at Cornell didn't have the time to program AND do
support, so CU-SeeMe became a USER SUPPORTED program. People like Dennis
Streveler, Daniel Erskine, Bill Neisius, Gary Melander, John Osborne, Marc
Lindahl, and others have done their share of helping to support and promote
CU-SeeMe. I just try to fill in the gaps a little, and egg on the Cornell
and White Pine folks to SQUEEK (pun intended) out every bit of performance
they can with this wonderful new technology. As Marc said in an earlier
post, " it's compaining users that drive the developers & researchers to
push the envelope of technology ever further".

Also, since this is such new technology, I'm interested in getting in on the
ground floor on something that I believe WILL become THE STANDARD by which
other video converencing programs are based.

For those of you interested in connecting your Quickcam to a web page, I
recently found THIS item, which looks like it could do the job, and pretty
inexpensively, too. Check this web page:

The cost is $299 US....looks pretty cool, huh? I'll add a link to this page
on my CU reltaed links page as soon as I go thru the 187 email messages I
got while on vacation. If any of you actually get one of these, let me know
and I'll add a link to your page also.

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