Hey, check out this Quickcam Web Frame server thingie...

George (gpl@henry.net)
Sun, 14 Jul 1996 11:26:14 GMT

>For those of you interested in connecting your Quickcam to a web page, I
>recently found THIS item, which looks like it could do the job, and pretty
>inexpensively, too. Check this web page:
>The cost is $299 US....looks pretty cool, huh?

In that same vein, there's this "Emulive" program for $29 that allows
your QuickCam to log on to the FTP site holding your Web Page. With a
refresh rates of a couple seconds, a series of stills is broadcasted.
The result is: everybody that visits your HomePage can see what is
going on in your apartment,.

The demo version, available free at "http://www.tucows.com" in the
videoconferencing section, only works for 5 minutes though. The
upcoming pro version promises streaming video.