Re: Vids that need to be "goosed"

Dave Easton (
Sun, 14 Jul 1996 16:22:49 -7

>> 03:54 PM 7/13/96 PDT, wrote:
> >Hello List,
> >
>> I can usually "goose" the vid into refreshing by clicking on
> >its status or information icon boxes or by temporarily covering the vid
> >window with a larger window or the chat window. Seems to happen even if it

> All I can say is that I have observed the same behavior. And yes I too am on
>It is beginning to sound like a bonafide bug to me...
> Regards,
> Dennis

Just wanted to agree with you fellows. Same here with a 28.8K
V.34 modem and a good ISP. This is getting to be a real problem. I spend
1/2 my time playing with windows to get them to "refresh". Sure
seems like a bug to me as well.

Dave in Phoenix