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>> Hello:
>> I'm new to using CU-SeeMe. I'm running a 486 DX4/100 computer with
>> Windows 95, and I have a 28.8 connection via Windows TCP. I am getting
>> images, but the fps is slooooooowwwww. :(( It's only running at a frame
>> to three per second (usually, it tends to goto zero and then operate at
>> a snail's crawl).
>> I can't seem to find any decent documentation on what should I set the
>> preferences and such to make things run at least 10 fps. Can I do this
>> w/o a video board? If so, how can I do it? I have Stealth 64 DRAM, but I
>> guess it's a graphics accelerator. Any help or just steering to
>> references would be most appreciated.
>> Thanks!
>> Velanche
>> --
>> V E L A N C H E S T E W A R T
>> California Polytechnic State University
>> San Luis Obispo, California

Try setting your maximum recieve and transmit to 28 (or whatever speed at
which you actually DO connect), and the minimums to about 10. that works
best for me. Also only open 2 or 3 windows at the maximum, for that speed.
You won't get 10 fps at 28.8 speeds, unless the person isn't moving around
very much. Only the pixels that change are transmitted in each frame, up to
a certain point, then the entire frame is resent. Though a nice fast PCI or
VESA local bus video graphics accelerator card would help, with your CPU
speed, I don't think your video card is the problem here.

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