Windows Enhanced Video Performance

Mon, 15 Jul 1996 08:48:25 -0400

Windows Enhanced Video Performance

Hello all,

As there has been much discussion on video performance lately, I thought I'd share my recent findings with all of
you. I have Enhanced CU with Winnov capture boards and Sony CCD PC cameras. I am on a closed network with a
384k point to point link. I have two configurations:

One is with IBM PC's with onboard VGA video. It's a 100Mhz Pentium, 16Mgs ram. The frame rate is only at 0 to

My other system is two Gateways, 120Mhz Pentium, 16Mbs ram. The VGA is PCI, 2Mg cards. The frame rate on
these hits 12fps, IN COLOR!

It appears the PCI video cards have a big play in fps performance. Perhaps they perform the video decode better
than my motherboard video on the IBM's?

I have the max transmit and receive set to 500 on both systems and the max video windows set to 2.

Both systems run Win for Workgroups with MS TCP-32. If anyone would like more info on my setup, feel free to
email me or post to the list.