Re: where'd my typed text go???

Dave Easton (
Mon, 15 Jul 1996 20:14:10 -7

> There has been much discussion, some of it recently, about the reliability
> (or lack thereof) in CU-SeeMe's "Talk" or "Chat" facility. Perhaps a bit
> of background information might be useful or interesting (or not).
First, THANK YOU very much for the information. I'm sure a lot of us on
the list are as interested as I am about how CU works.

I realize there are not going to be any easy answers here, but I do
have a suggestion as it sounds like we will always have the problem
to some extent.

It would be a big help if the "Chat Window" simply had a symbol that
would flash as chat packets were lost. I am sure the overhead for
this would be quite small. Right now the users simply have no way to
know what's going on! Say, I expect a reply from a fellow and I don't
get anything, I have no idea if he is gone, didn't send anything, it
was lost in the Net, delayed by the Net, or what. Just knowing
something was sent but lost would be a big help.

Thanks again for the information. Dave in Phoenix